About Us

Started with sleep products

Sleep is matter of life.

Nearly one-third of the general population suffers from sleep problems. Our founder Joe was one of them. Lacking good quality sleep had severely affected his daily work and life in all aspects.

Dedicated to improving people's lives and sleep quality through reinvented sleep technologies, GladGrid was born. We started our journey of research in 2017 and developed our own upgraded sleep products after thousands of days of development and hundreds of times product tests.

Continues with super easily installed furniture

Life should be easy, relaxing, and hopeful, which is the philosophy we hold up all way long.

Glad life is not only about sleep but also a matter of a comfy home. At GladGrid, we know everyone needs more time to focus on a chilled and relaxing life. That's why we bring more easily installed and classy style furniture to your room. The goal is to improve your living space and to save more time and labor for you to enjoy leisure time. We are here to make your furniture assembly and disassembly as easy as pie.

Our Vision

To make no one complain about their living space.

Our Mission

Constantly upgrading your living space through simple, practical, functional, and stylish home products.

Our team insists on continuous technological innovation to create the most valuable home products for our customers.

Softest-Minus™ foam technology, SofSteel™ cooling technology, and Shoulder-In™ spine alignment technology are all for your restful sleep. Click Clack® saves your 90% installation time without tools. All these efforts have a reason: we tirelessly work towards optimizing your living space by offering comfortable, trendy, and functional home products at competitive prices.

Our Core Values

High-quality products drive people's life bliss.

We believe good products can bring happiness and comfort to your daily life. That's why we make high-quality products with premium materials.

Innovative technologies power high quality and valuable products.

Technology is the primarily productive force. We leverage the latest technologies to design and meet your household demands in a comfortable way.

Glad customer experiences guide the direction of our improvement.

At GladGrid, we listen carefully to all our customers' wants and concerns. Beyond listening, we do everything in our power to turn feedback into actual improvement.

Why Choose Us

  • Our products are backed with warranty to give you peace of mind
  • Our customer reviews speak for themselves
  • Our products are competitively priced
  • Our products are made with premium quality materials
  • We offer exciting discounts and free shipping
  • We offer trials for our products and you can make free returns if you don't like the products