Cozy Castle LED Mirror

Decorating high-fashion style with high-definition mirror.


Bathroom; Bedroom; Living Room; Dressing Room

  • Get your best look with automotive grade definition glass and CRI95 color rendering index.
  • Warm light and natural light meet your different visual needs.
  • Easily operating with touch-sensitive switch and memory button.
  • Functional & versatile large-size with elegant design.

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Order arrives in 7-12 business days.

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Cozy Castle LED Mirror

Mount Type
Wall Mounted
Horizontal and Vertical
LED Light Power
23 watt
Product Care
Wipe clean with mirror cleaner only
Color Temperature-Natural Light
5000 K- 6000 K
Color Temperature-Warm Light
3000 K
Product Dimension
Overall Weight
Overall Size
32''L x 24''W x 1.5''H
Shipping Dimension
Overall Weight
Overall Size
36.6''L x 29.1''W x 4.52''H

1 - Remove the packaging carefully and prepare the installation.

2 - Screw the bracket to the wall using the screws provided.

3 - Hang the mirror on the bracket in place.

A - Supply cable is fitted to the houselighting circuit, wire connection can be hidden at the rear of mirror.

B - Supply cable is also fitted to a fused 3 AMP supply(fused 3 AMP supply is not included).

Always shut off power to the circuit before starting installation work. The installation shall be carried out by an authorized electrical contractor.

Warm Light and Natural Light Meet Different Visual Needs.

With excellent LED backlights, whether you're getting ready for work in the morning or going through your nightly routine, this mirror can come into help. No flickering and dazzling, two types of lights bring you a comfortable visual experience.

Warm Light

Natural Light

Higher Color Rendering Index, Get Your Best Look

The LED lighting high color rendering index is up to 95, which benefits reflection of the true color of your skin tone, true skin condition, and make-up performance.

HD Automotive Grade Glass is Much Clearer Than the Ordinary Home Mirror

The high-quality HD AUTO grade glass mirror has a good reflect property. With widely used in the rearview mirror so the driver can have a clear view. When it's used as a home mirror, you can shave, do makeup, or see objects more clearly without deformable reflection.

Easily Operating with Touch-Sensitive Switch and Memory Button.

You can turn it on or off with the help of a touch-sensitive switch, and press three seconds to change the color temperature. The memory button retains the last use of light, adapting to your habits considerately.

Versatile Large-Size Mirror Has Two Installation Methods to Adapt to the Layout of Your Room.

This mirror can be hung horizontally and vertically according to your personal needs. It also can be widely used for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dressing rooms, etc. The large-size mirror provides a good reflection review and visually expands the space in a room through strategic placement.

Note: When hanging the mirror horizontally, please place the side with the sensor control downward.

All your questions answered

Do I need electrical outlet for it?

The GladGrid Bathroom Mirror provides two power supply modes; either it can be connected to a hard-wired switch on the wall, or it can be connected to a plug.

We provide a 3-year warranty and 90-day trial for this mirror. If you have any questions related to materials or craftsmanship, please contact our customer service to get assistance. To initiate the warranty, please contact us at We will help you to troubleshoot problems.

The dimensions of this Cozy Castle Led Mirror are 32 x 24 x 1.5 inches.

We recommended cleaning this unite with a soft, dry, non abrasive cloth when turned off. Never use cleaning agents or abrasive materials on any type of surface finish. Do not allow moisture to come into contact with the electrical components.

For your personal safety and experience, please note the following details during installation and usage:
Always switch off the electrical supply during installation and maintenance. It is recommended that the circuit breaker is switched off for the necessary circuit before installation commences.
Fitting in Bathrooms is subject to the appropriate building code Regulations.
DO NOT connect to a trailing plug and socket outlet. This product is only suitable for indoor use.
DO NOT attach the product to surfaces that are damp or otherwise electrically conductive.
DO NOT strike glass components with hard or pointed items.
DO NOT place very hot or very cold items against or in close proximity to glass surfaces unless an adequately thick insulation material is used to prevent such items from coming in contact with the glass.

Just the front that reflects off the back.

No. In fact, I'm installing an additional pot light in the ceiling over the sink. The mirror does a good job for makeup, etc but will not illuminate a whole room.