GladGrid Foam Pillow

Bid Farewell to the Unfitted

  • Softest-minus™ technology ensures the pillow at absolute comfort.
  • Adjustable pillow height to meet all sleep preferences.
  • Perfectly fit the spine line for better support.
  • SofSteel™ inner cover escort your cool sleep.
  • Skin-friendly cotton brings a soft touch and takes away sweat.

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Order arrives in 7-12 business days.

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GladGrid Foam Pillow

Cotton 100%
Inner Cover Surface
Polyethylene 63%; Cotton 24%; Polyester 17%
Inner Cover Side & Back
Nylon 92%; Polyurethane 8%
100% Memory Foam
Product Dimensions
Product Size
15.7'' W x 24.4'' L x 4.9'' H
Product Weight
3.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
Shipping Size
26'' W x 17.3'' L x 5.9'' H
Shipping Weight
6.17 lbs

Bid Farewell to the Unfitted

The upgraded contour of GladGrid Foam Pillow perfectly fits the spine line and provides better support for the head and neck. Moreover, the height can be adjusted to meet all sleep preferences.

The Innovative Pillow Your Body Desires

Aligned & Supportive

Professional ergonomic design, comfortably align your spine and hug your head and neck tenderly. No matter what kind of sleeping position, you can get comfortable support.

Our pillow is composed of three modules with different heights. According to your needs, you can combine and match any height you want.

Hundreds of sponge holes promote air circulation, bring breathing sensation, and take away stuffy heat and sweat.

The premium cotton cover applied with the SofSteel Technology is sweat-wicking and cool, draws your overheating away, and keeps you sleep comfortably all night long.

No-Harmful Foam
Non-Toxic Fiber

Care for all kinds of sleepers

Back sleeper
Side sleeper
Stomach sleeper

Top Soft Sensory Experience

Softest-minus™ technology upgrades the softness of the sponge, giving you an extraordinary sensory experience.

Breathable Cotton Pillow Cover

The pure cotton pillow cover is skin-friendly, soft, and hypoallergenic. Breathable and moisture-wicking features bring a more sweat-free night.

Smooth SofSteel™ Inner Cover

The inner cover is smooth and soft to the touch, greatly reducing the friction between the memory foam and the pillowcase. And thanks to the excellent thermal conductivity of SofSteel™ Technology layer, it can effectively take away your sweat and ensure you keep a refreshing sleep all night.

Suitable for a variety of scenes and usage

Waist Pillow
Office Rest
Camping & Outing

Catch the Satisfaction of Unrivaled Softness

Powered by Softest-Minus™ Memory Foam, over 100 prototypes were tested, GladGrid Pillow reaches the ultimate softness and top comfort, support your sweet sleep.

Pillow Fight!


GladGrid Pillow

Fiber Pillow Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Contour Pillow Latex Pillow
Ultimate pressure relief
Neck support
Fit head & neck shape
Fit various neck length
Adaptive to every sleeping position

All your questions answered

When do you open for pillow order?

GladGrid Pillow Capsule will be available around later Fed, 2021. Please subscribe to the sale notification on the product page. You will get notified by email once our pre-order process is opened. We greatly appreciate your support and patience.

Uncover the pillow, take out the pillow core gently, get rid of the corresponding amount of layer(s) according to your required height. Then, cover the pillow again and zip it. Please note that the removed memory foam layer(s) should be kept in a cool and dry area to prevent any deformation, mold, or damage.

The core of the GladGrid Foam Pillow is not washable but you can remove the pillow cover and wash the cover with cold water and a gentle detergent.

If you are a back sleeper, we suggest using the higher contour to find your comfort. If you a side sleeper or stomach sleeper, we recommend take advantage of the lower contour. You can customize the pillow height to own a personal pillow height and get more neck support.

The GladGrid Foam Pillow cover is certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, which means the pillow cover has been tested for harmful substances and that the article. While the pillow core is certified according to Certipur-US, which means the memory foam we use has met its rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance, and durability. Therefore, our pillow 100% non-toxic and harmless in human ecological terms.

GladGrid Foam Pillow is in King Size that is 4.7in (12cm) * 4.1in (10.5cm)*15.7 in (40cm)* 24.4in (62cm). But the pillow heights is customizable, which ease the access to own an ideal personal pillow height.

The core of the GladGrid Foam Pillow is not washable but you can remove the pillow cover and wash the cover with cold water and a gentle detergent.

The GladGrid Foam Pillow may have a natural memory foam odor but it's not harmful to the human body. You can do this by removing the cover and air out the memory foam in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours in case of any odor remains. Please feel free to contact the Customer Service Team if you need additional assistance. Contact us at

All the GladGrid Pillows have a 1-year limited warranty that covers manufacturing issues or defects. If you think your pillow may have a warranty issue, please contact customer care at for further help. You can find more information regarding the warranty HERE.