GladGrid Mattress Pad

Hold Your Sweaty Nights at Bay

  • SofSteel™ material makes the fabric 17 times more heat-conductive than steel, ensuring a cool sleep all night.
  • High flexibility to ensure long-term quality.
  • Machine washable.
  • Fit mattress up to 12 inches tall.

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GladGrid Mattress Pad

100% Cotton Fabric
100% Polytetrafluoroethylene
Product Size
60'' W x 80'' L
76'' W x 80'' L
72'' W x 84'' L
38'' W x 74'' L
Twin XL
38'' W x 80'' L
53'' W x 75'' L
Product Weight
4.1 lbs
5.0 lbs
4.8 lbs
1.0 lbs
Twin XL
1.3 lbs
2.2 lbs
Product Size
All Sizes
21.6'' W x 18'' L x 7'' D
Product Weight
7.9 lbs
8.8 lbs
8.5 lbs
4.7 lbs
Twin XL
4.9 lbs
5.9 lbs
The inner package of the GladGrid Mattress Pad is made of environmentally friendly and recyclable wear-resistant plastic. After careful design, it has a stylish appearance and is suitable for daily use as a carry-on bag or storage bag.

Hold Your Sweaty Night at Bay

Exclusively powered by SofSteel, a special fiber that is 17 times more heat-conductive than steel, GladGrid Mattress Pad takes excess heat away faster than you expect and keeps you at the right temperature during sleep.

Say Hi to Sweat-Free Sleep

Feeling overheating on your mattress? We've got your back! GladGrid Mattress Pad gives the cooler sleep you want and the soft feeling you need.

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Sofsteel™ Technology, for Your Enhanced Sleep Experience

Cooler Than Steel

SofSteel Technology is engineered by the ultra-high-modulus polyethylene whose excellent heat conduction is 17.6% higher than that of steel. It effectively takes your sweat away and guarantees your cool sleep all night long.

Higher Fiber Strength

With ultra-high molecular, SofSteel is often used for body armor thanks to its wear resistance that is 15 times higher than that of ordinary steel. The excellent durability guarantees your refreshing sleep for nights to come.

Machine washable
Fit mattress up to 12 inches tall

All your questions answered

Of course! GladGrid Mattress Pad is good for any kind of mattress as long as the size is matched. The mattress pad works similarly to cushions and it greatly increases the heat dissipation effect of the mattress, allowing you to have an excellent sleep experience.

GladGrid Mattress Pad is machine washable. We recommend washing it in a laundry bag at a mild temperature within 80℃/176℉, tumble dry delicate in low heat, cool icon.

The GladGrid Mattress Pad is meticulously designed to bring you a cooler feeling while you are asleep. And, it adds extra softness to your mattress. Different from the mattress protector, it's not waterproof or stain-proof.

See Mattress Protecor

GladGird SofSteel Mattress Pad is majorly made of a unique, super-heat-dissipating UHMWPE fiber that also features a breathable blend of cotton and polyester. It ranges in size from Twin Size to California King and features a 1-year warranty.

GladGrid SofSteel, the flexible fiber with super high molecular structure, has a higher heat conductivity than steel. It's uniquely used in the mattress pad to draw your sweat away effectively and offer a cool sleep that you can enjoy all night long.

GladGrid Mattress Pad comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. If you think your product may have a warranty issue, please contact customer care at for further help. You can find more information regarding the warranty HERE.

We thoughtfully designed the bag of GladGrid Mattress Pad to be stylish and classic for your multipurpose usage in daily life. You can draw, paint, and decorate it anyway!

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