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GladGrid Original Mattress

Supportive Inside, Soft Outside.

  • Ultra-high body contact surface, fall asleep faster and sleep longer.
  • Silver ions on the surface provide antibacterial protection.
  • Shoulder-In™ for optimal ergonomic alignment.
  • Leaving sweat away with the cooling materials.
  • More than 100,000 times of durability test to ensure ten-year long-lasting quality.

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GladGrid Mattress Protector x 1

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GladGrid Mattress Pad x 1

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GladGrid Original Mattress

Top Layer
1.5" 40D12 Softest-Minus™ Memory Foam ( Copper-Infused )
Middle Layer
2.5" 64D16 Gel-Infused Slow Rebound Memory Foam
Bottom Layer
6" 25D32 Base Support Memory Foam
Fabric Content
100% Cotton
100% Cotton
Product Dimensions
Product Size - Queen
60'' W x 80'' L x 10'' H
Product Weight - Queen
70.6 lbs
Product Size - King
76'' W x 80'' L x 10'' H
Product Weight -King
89.17 lbs
Product Size - CalKing
72'' W x 84'' L x 10'' H
Product Weight - CalKing
88.73 lbs
Shipping Dimensions
Shipping Size - Queen
20'' W x 20'' L x 42'' H
Shipping Weight - Queen
31.2 lbs
Shipping Size - King
22'' W x 22'' L x 42'' H
Shipping Weight - King
94.42 lbs
Shipping Size - CalKing
20'' W x 20'' L x 44'' H
Shipping Weight - CalKing
93.71 lbs

GladGrid is compatible with most frames and foundations including:

Box Spring

Bed Frame




  • It may not be easy for some to turn over in a soft mattress.
  • You may get warmer in summer on this mattress without pairing the GladGrid SofSteel Mattress Pad.
  • The mattress cover uses a patented Silver Antimicrobial that transports and secures silver ions to the cover effiiciently.

Supportive inside, soft outside.
Melt your tiredness the first touch.

Apply more technology to create the ultimate sleep experience.

Shoulder-In™ for optimal ergonomic alignment.

Divided area design helps align your spine. The shoulder zone hugs the upper body more while the lumbar zone offers more support to the lower waist and hip.

Leaving sweat away with the cooling materials.

Features high heat-conductive copper-infused layer and cool to touch gel-infused layer, helping you sleep cool from night to the morning.

Silver ions on the surface provide antibacterial protection.

Uniquely added into cover material, the silver ions constantly kill 99% of bacterial and molds even after 50 times laundering, steadily controlling microbial-derived odor.

Listen to the professional analysis of our mattress.

We provide high-end products and better service at half the price of the others.

We make customers get better value in the long-term, with our own profits reduced.


$850-1050 $949-1099 $695-850 $1095-1295
120 days
101 days 100 days 100 days 100 days
10 years
10 years+ 10 years 10 years 10 years
Content Weight
70.6 lbs
48 lbs 71 lbs 72 lbs 79 lbs
Pressure Relief

*The content weight data selected from different 10'' memory foam mattress brands.

GladGrid meets CertiPUR-US® standards for content, emissions, and durability, and has been analyzed by independent, accredited testing laboratories. No formaldehyde or other harmful substances, low VOC emissions for indoor air quality, safe and healthy for you and your family.

GladGrid textiles have been tested for harmful substances and that the article, therefore, is harmless for human health. The test is conducted by independent OEKO-TEX® partner institutes on the basis of the extensive OEKO-TEX® criteria catalog.

High-quality materials, extraordinary body touch.

Slow rebound, wrapping up to 98% of the body contact surface, reduce body pressure.

Traditional Mattress
GladGrid Original Mattress

Reduce tossing and turning, ultra-fast asleep.

Other Firm Mattress GladGrid Original Mattress

The average time it takes to fall asleep is reduced by 49%

The average length of deep sleep increases 13%

Focus on product with conscience,
select high-quality materials

Excellent motion absorption

Guards your sweet sleep against being disturbed

Don't be afraid of waking up your partner. GladGrid absorbs motion and minimizes the impact of the movement. You don't have to sleep or wake up at the same time with your loved one.

Long-term durability Quality

Durable and steady quality is more peace of mind

High-density non-temperature-sensitive memory foam has gone through more than 100 thousands of times durability tests in which it only has a 4% foam loss, assuring no-collapse even after 10-year usage.

GladGrid Has Their Back-up

Those influencers and superstars back up GladGrid and start their refreshing morning with a peaceful mind on our mattress.

All your questions answered

What is a GladGrid Classic Mattress made of?

All of our mattresses are made with skin-friendly material with no-harm chemicals. The covers are made of pure and environment-friendly cotton, silver ion. All the fibers we use are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 approved. The GladGrid foam mattress only uses high-quality and durable foam that has been certified by CertiPUR®. You can be assured of safety use.

A high-quality mattress can be heavy. The weight of GladGrid Classic Mattress is as following:
Queen Size - 76.5 lbs
King Size - 95 lbs
Cal King Size - 94 lbs

The GladGrid Mattress will work great on any plat and sturdy surface. Whether you put your GladGrid Mattress on the base, frames, platform, box foundation, adjustable bed, or even the floor, your GladGrid mattress will make good in any room.

We only provide the standard Queen, King & Cal King size Mattresses at this time. Sorry, we don't offer mattress size customization.

CertiPUR-US® approves GladGrid memory foam which meets its program standards for content, emissions, and durability. Non-toxic and VOC free. Meanwhile, the GladGrid textile and fibers have gone through the tested to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. GladGrid is safe for whole families!

The Heataway system of GladGrid Mattress takes the merits of GladGrid Softest-Minus™ technology to promote the airflow, encourages the air in and out. Meanwhile, it combines the Gel-infused and Copper-infused memory foam layers to draw your sweats away, keeping you cool at night. Check our lab for more GladGrid technologies.

The GladGrid mattress is designed with a brilliant heat conductivity system. The combination of copper-infused and gel-infused memory foam draws excess heat away from your body. The unique Softest-Minus™ technology enhances airflow while you sleep. Whatsmore, by pairing it with the SoftSteel pad, which is even better than steel in heat-conductivity, you will have a comfortable and cool sleep all night long.

We provide a 10-year warranty to GladGrid Classic Mattress. If you have any questions related to materials or craftsmanship, please contact our customer service to get assistance. To initiate the warranty, please contact us at will help you to troubleshoot problems.