Smile Back Height Adjustable Desk

Adjustable height, healthy work life!


Home office; Living Room; Bedroom; Office

  • Adjustable height while working frees you from standing and sitting.
  • 3 Choices of lift systems make the adjustment easier and more energy-saving.
  • Spacious work area provides ample operation space.
  • Solid construction for over 220 lbs weight capacity.
  • Ergonomics design is good for your health.

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Smile Back Height Adjustable Desk

Desk Type
Standing Desk
Height Adjusting Range
30'' H~ 43.3''H
Height Adjustment Mechanism
Pneumatic By a Gas Cylinder / Electric / Manual
Weight Capacity
220 lbs
Top Panel
Product Dimensions
Pneumatic Weight
Electric Weight
Manual Weight
Overall Size
47.3"W x 23.6"D
Knee Space
30"H x 47.3"W x 23.6"D
Maximum Height
43.3'' H
Minimum Height
Shipping Dimensions
Overall Size
49.6" x 25.6" x 7.08"
Package Weight--Pneumatic
Package Weight--Electric
Package Weight--Manual

Adjustable height, healthy work life !

Three choices of lift systems make adjustment easier and more energy-saving.

Pneumatic lift system

The pneumatic standing desk adjusts the height by using a gas cylinder, with the pressure on the lever of a single finger. Since it's power-free and wheels equipped, you can place or move it easily anywhere.

Electric height adjustable lift system

Standing Desk with Simple 2 Button Controller. Press the “up” or the “down” button to adjust the height gradually from 30 to 44 inches. Greatly simplified operation process, Say goodbye to complicated operations. (25mm/s), while it doesn’t incur any noise (< 55dB)

Manual lifting system

Energy-saving and environmental protection design Manual Standing Desk, and bid farewell to complex wiring winding, and truly can be used anywhere, even without power supply.

Ergonomics design is good for your health.

Shoulders relaxed
Straight back
Pelvis in neutral alignment
Circulation in legs
Hip, knee and ankle joints aligned with gravity line
Shoulders relaxed
Straight back
Circulation in legs
Healthy hip and knee joints
Free flat on the floor

Durable steel frame + reinforced crossbar,
bearing more capacity.

Even at the highest altitude, our load-bearing capacity is so good, up to 250 lbs and no shaking.

Thick Steel Frame and Reinforced Crossbar

  • Low Noise
  • Longer Longevity
  • Load Capacity: 250 lbs

Only thin steel frame

  • Loud Noise
  • Shorter
  • Load Capacity: 175lbs or 220 lbs

Humanized design provides detail cares.

Adjustable Foot Pads

Keep the balance


Moisture-proof, waterproof and easy to clean


Resistance-scratch and abrasion resistance

Feature Design

Make the desktop simpler

All your questions answered

Yes, very stable.The up/down crank works very well and does not shake when using the crank.

No locks are required. After adjusting the table to a certain height, it can stay in place!

Don't worry about its stable! it does't tilt or tilt easily if you don't. It is very stable

We provide a 3-year warranty to the Smile Back Adjustable Desk. If you have any questions related to materials or craftsmanship, please contact our customer service to get assistance. To initiate the warranty, please contact us at will help you to troubleshoot problems.

Suggested maximum bearing-weight is 250lbs.

Yes, it is very simple. You can change the height directly and there is no need to remove things on desk.

The pneumatic one weighs 68.4lbs, the electric one weights 69.7lbs and the manual one 64.4lbs.

No extra tools needed, please just follow the instruction book, then you can get a lovely desk.